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FREE Home Loan Pre-Approval

Dear Future Customer,

Whether you are a new buyer, current homeowner or one of our current or future employees, we promise to do our part to empower you to be in the best situation possible for this time in your life’s journey. As our name indicates, we move fast once your home loan is in our pipeline. However, we are driven by a inner commitment to Educate. That being said, if you need time to learn about the process of buying a home, borrowing equity from your existing home, or about becoming one of Turbo’s newest employees, we will take all of the time that you need to feel fully Educated and fully Empowered in your decision.

- Jason Boley

Founder & Managing Partner

Turbo Fast

Our average closing time is 15 days. We can’t take all of the credit for this, however. Turbo Loans is partnered with some of the nations absolute best in class service providers and lenders and can make your dream come true in half time (average loan closing takes 30 days).


We know this should be a given, but it’s not. Here you have it, we are saying it, “we will always be friendly.” Whether we are delivering good news, bad news or just the plain ol’ day to day details of getting a loan closed, our team is always up beat and ready to deliver a good dose of positivity into your day. So, come on by and pick up a smile or two, if you need one for the day. We love visitors.

Competitive Rates

Simply put, we can so we do. We can deliver the best rates, because we keep low overhead. We’ve committed to not being top heavy with huge office leases, bulky salaries and layer after layer of indulgent management. This self-controlled growth has allowed us to consistently beat the competitive rate of the day.

100% Online Approvals

Apply online. Upload documents online. Close your loan online. This is the type of service that we can provide here at Turbo Loans, since we’ve developed a loan process centered around the current digital era. You can meet your loan consultant in person yes, but if you are like the rest of America, you have jobs and kids and well, just other things that you’d like to spend your time besides applying for a loan. That’s why we’ve built a loan process that caters to the modern American. You’ll be able to apply online, transfer documents online and even close your new loan online, if you’d like. We are on the cutting edge of fast. So, come on in and join the revolution in lending!

Something For Everyone

We know that not all individuals fit into the same cookie cutter box. That’s why we’ve made it our aim to not only be fast, but flexible. We have loan programs based on bank deposits and not reportable tax return income. We have luxury loans ($1M and over) with only 5 or 10% down payments. We have loans for investors requiring no income documentation. We have loans that use large asset accounts for income, instead of other forms of verification. The list goes on and on: non-citizen loans, low credit score loans, etc.. If you’re in the box, we’ll get you don’t fast and furious. If you’re outside of the box, don’t be despaired, we are flexible and will work with you to find you a loan.